Partnership with Churches
of Same Confession of Faith

By forming a group of disciples, Jesus taught us about the need to work with one another to advance the mission of His Kingdom on the earth. By extension, not only individual sisters and brothers in Christ but also churches of the same confession of faith need to form partnership to support one another and stand in unison to better spread the good news of Jesus Christ around the globe. Establishing partnership with churches of the same confession of faith around us, puts our church in a strategically useful position, to secure critically needed material resources in our country of origin and complement it with the available human resources, to mutually conquer new frontiers, where the words of Jesus Christ has not been reached. To achieve this goal, our church need to undertake the following sets of activities:


  • Educate church membership about current global mission and encourage personal and congregational commitment regarding the call of our church for the mission
  • Find theological training opportunities for church members interested in furthering their theological knowledge and intend to serve in this partnership
  • Build strong partnerships with other churches of same confession of faith and statement of purpose on mutually beneficial venture: to spread the words of the Gospel of Jesus Christ where it has not been reached
  • Organize experience-exchange programs and prayer times with our partners