“How can a young man keep his way pure? By living according to your word” Psalm 119:9

Younger adults outnumber older ones in our church. This age group is highly vulnerable to the unbiblical world views of our times they are constantly exposed to. It is therefore imperative for our church to gear its services towards addressing the needs of this age group by setting a plan of action that enables the church to closely work with our younger population and tackle those ungodly testing issues head-on and hence save them before they submit to it. The young-adult ministry was therefore established to undertake these tasks with the following main duties and responsibilities:

  • Organize young adults into their respective age groups
  • Hold open discussions with the main objective of listening to their concerns
  • Identify and prioritize major specific ungodly issues that need interventions
  • Involve them in setting plan of actions and ways of intervention and identify resources
  • Help them understand and commit themselves to a Christian perspective of morality
  • Organize special events like workshops, leadership trainings, devotionals and prayer times
  • Provide interactive Biblical teachings on specific topics
  • Recognize their gifts, leadership abilities and empower them